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Month: May 2017

LG 38UC99-W Test: High End-Display with Freesync and a Mighty Price Tag

The LG 38UC99-W would’ve been unmatched in its league if Acer hadn’t released their XR382CQK – a device with nearly identical specs – in December of 2016. At the time of this review, the Acer is listed in the catalogue but not available yet. The LG display has been introduced at IFA 2016 and enjoys great availability on the market at the moment.

This big ultrawide display is definitely a looker: It’s brushed aluminum finish paired with the beautiful front of the stand makes it a real eye catcher. The glossy white back gives it a simple and elegant appearance. Both the power cable and power supply are also kept in white beautifully complementing the look of the device.

LG 38UC99-W

At 9,3 kg, this 38” behemoth certainly isn’t lightweight making a solid foot or strong wall mount a necessity. The foot can easily be removed and the display can be attached to a VESA mount. Without the foot, the display weighs only 7,7 kg. Most mounts are rated for a maximum load of 8 kg, so you’re lucky here.

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BenQ XL2720Z 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review- Is it a good choice for a Gamer?

Do you want to buy a better monitor display for high-end gaming?

A long time ago, around 2005, when gamers wanted higher framerates, they would get a plasma TV. They would get hot, but it served the purpose. Fast forward to the future, BenQ has recently released a 144Hz gaming monitor, called the XL2720Z. As high-frame rates are required for smooth PC gaming, many monitors have a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz. This refresh rate is enough for 1080p gaming, but not high enough to handle high-end graphic settings with a taxing amount of details at higher resolutions, often resulting in screen tearing and low frame rates. This monitor is one of the best in the battle of high refresh rate monitors, which just started trickling in the market after G-Sync couldn’t handle the load of newer AAA titles. However, is it good enough for the price the gamer will bargain for a smoother gaming experience? Does it fit the worthy for higher-end builds?

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ASUS MB169C+ USB Type-C Portable Monitor Review


ASUS MB portable monitors are one of the most varied and complete families of ultra-slim monitors that we can easily carry with us, but that also have a very high-quality performance, especially in their newest models. The ASUS MB169C+ (official site) takes advantage of its latest improvements and switches things up in terms of connectivity.

Today we will show you one of its most advanced creations: a monitor that does not require drivers and that takes advantage of a USB-C cable to offer compatible computers not only a single connection for power and display, but also as much or better performance than that provided by our laptop’s screen.



This model keeps the same 15.6-Inch display design of its predecessors, but it also introduces interesting improvements to the screen’s panels and connectivity. This model has gone from HD TN panels to mid-quality IPS panels on a 1080p display and ASUS takes one step further by introducing a type of connector for both DisplayPort video and power using a single cable. It also improves the screen’s settings capabilities by matching them to the most sought-after “standard” ASUS models.


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