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Using your TV as a monitor: how to do it effectively


The main advantage is evident: a 43 or a 49-inch TV display is a lot less expensive than a monitor of the same size. In fact, few monitors can compare in size to a mid-end TV.


TVs give us more visual space and the same resolution of a high-end monitor, and having 4K on LCD TVs is now mainstream.

They also feature more multimedia options as every, or almost every, one of them is a smart TV nowadays, meaning that they offer an endless amount of different apps that enable us to use it separately from the PC. They usually have a lot of inputs, digital audio output and a speakers system that is usually far ahead of the one offered by typical monitors.

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Best Gaming Monitor Buying Guide

You might be a serious hardcore gamer, or even a skilled weekend PC warrior, but if your hardware is not up to the task, you will be staring defeat in the face no matter how good you are. Sure, you can play the latest FPS games on older equipment, but it lags, leaving you vulnerable when playing competitors online. To get a smoother playing experience, a gaming PC which has a powerful graphics card combined with a quality, flicker and blur free monitor are needed. This guide is dedicated to helping you choose a display which will enhance your gaming experience. 

How to choose a gaming monitor?

Size and Resolution

You may already have a monitor size in mind. Perhaps you want a large 27 inch monitor for your desk, or maybe even two of them! Perhaps a smaller one would suit your needs and situation more? Whatever size you decide on, the most important thing, is what resolution the monitor is. The resolution of a monitor indicates how many pixels it displays, and this in turn reflects how sharp the image is. 1080P monitors are very common, and at screen sizes up to 23″ produce nice, sharp images. On biggers screens, such as 27” though, the image quality is not so great. A higher resolution is needed such as 2560×1440 in order to get that ‘sharp’ screen. This resolution also provides more screen space for your icons, browsers, and other things. Resolution

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Samsung presents the first monitors with Radeon FreeSync 2 from AMD

The South Korean giant has officially presented the first monitors with Radeon FreeSync 2 technology from AMD. Said technology sets an important breakthrough from the first generation of FreeSync since not only has the fluidity improved and latency has been reduced but also offers a superior quality of image.

FreeSync 2

The Radeon FreeSync 2 technology maintains the hardware-software system that powers the communication between the GPU and the monitor to reduce latency, end with “screen tearing”, and offers a seamless gaming experience ending the “stutter” effect that is produced when the frames per second enter in an irregular form.

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Best Monitor for Photo Editing and Video Editing 2017

The monitor is the element which should be most heavily researched when buying computer equipment for the purposes of photo editing. And without some previous knowledge, it is easy to become lost once you start to investigate all of the technical specifications you may encounter in the course of your research. That is why we will be looking at all of the parameters you should be taking into account when selecting your future monitor for photo editing.

The quality of the monitor is fundamental since it is the element which will allow you to visualize your photos:

  • If the monitor is of poor quality, the fidelity of the displayed colors will diminish over time and as a result, the quality of your editing work will become random.
  • You will require a monitor which is capable of handling all of the possible colors contained in the images you will be editing.

The choice of monitor should therefore not be taken lightly. Consequently, it is only appropriate that you should study and precisely establish all of a monitor’s technical characteristics. This reasoning is all the more valid since in general the purchase of a monitor is done without being able to observe it in reality (contrary to televisions which can be seen on display in stores).

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LG 38UC99-W Test: High End-Display with Freesync and a Mighty Price Tag

The LG 38UC99-W would’ve been unmatched in its league if Acer hadn’t released their XR382CQK – a device with nearly identical specs – in December of 2016. At the time of this review, the Acer is listed in the catalogue but not available yet. The LG display has been introduced at IFA 2016 and enjoys great availability on the market at the moment.

This big ultrawide display is definitely a looker: It’s brushed aluminum finish paired with the beautiful front of the stand makes it a real eye catcher. The glossy white back gives it a simple and elegant appearance. Both the power cable and power supply are also kept in white beautifully complementing the look of the device.

LG 38UC99-W

At 9,3 kg, this 38” behemoth certainly isn’t lightweight making a solid foot or strong wall mount a necessity. The foot can easily be removed and the display can be attached to a VESA mount. Without the foot, the display weighs only 7,7 kg. Most mounts are rated for a maximum load of 8 kg, so you’re lucky here.

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BenQ XL2720Z 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review- Is it a good choice for a Gamer?

Do you want to buy a better monitor display for high-end gaming?

A long time ago, around 2005, when gamers wanted higher framerates, they would get a plasma TV. They would get hot, but it served the purpose. Fast forward to the future, BenQ has recently released a 144Hz gaming monitor, called the XL2720Z. As high-frame rates are required for smooth PC gaming, many monitors have a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz. This refresh rate is enough for 1080p gaming, but not high enough to handle high-end graphic settings with a taxing amount of details at higher resolutions, often resulting in screen tearing and low frame rates. This monitor is one of the best in the battle of high refresh rate monitors, which just started trickling in the market after G-Sync couldn’t handle the load of newer AAA titles. However, is it good enough for the price the gamer will bargain for a smoother gaming experience? Does it fit the worthy for higher-end builds?

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