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Lenovo Legion Y520 80WK00FHUS Review (Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti + 256GB SSD + i5-7300HQ)

For less than 1000 dollars you can get Lenovo’s Legion Y520-151KBN gaming notebook which allows you to play all current titles with decent performance. It offers a 15,6” Full-HD display, an Intel Core i5 quad-core CPU and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 TI GPU allowing you to play games like Battlefield 1 or For Honor with framerates of over 60 FPS. That means titles will run really well at native Full-HD resolution even with high graphics settings.

Lenovo Legion Y520

We will explore what else the Lenovo Legion Y520 has to offer in this review.

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ASUS MB169C+ USB Type-C Portable Monitor Review


ASUS MB portable monitors are one of the most varied and complete families of ultra-slim monitors that we can easily carry with us, but that also have a very high-quality performance, especially in their newest models. The ASUS MB169C+ (official site) takes advantage of its latest improvements and switches things up in terms of connectivity.

Today we will show you one of its most advanced creations: a monitor that does not require drivers and that takes advantage of a USB-C cable to offer compatible computers not only a single connection for power and display, but also as much or better performance than that provided by our laptop’s screen.



This model keeps the same 15.6-Inch display design of its predecessors, but it also introduces interesting improvements to the screen’s panels and connectivity. This model has gone from HD TN panels to mid-quality IPS panels on a 1080p display and ASUS takes one step further by introducing a type of connector for both DisplayPort video and power using a single cable. It also improves the screen’s settings capabilities by matching them to the most sought-after “standard” ASUS models.


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