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AV-Test shows us the Best antivirus for Windows 10 Creators Update

As what is now becoming customary for a firm focused on security, AV-Test, through a series of their own completely impartial tests tend to publish the results so that users know the best options related to this sector available on various platforms.

In this case they have focused on the best antivirus for the latest version of the operating system of Microsoft Windows 10, tests being valid for versions up to June 2017. Here they are carried out a series of “Benchmarks” with the best and most popular security tools at the moment, in their most up to date version. More specifically, they focused on the best antivirus that can be found for the latest update of Windows 10 ,which officially saw the light in April, the Creators Update.

In the accompanying graphics, we can see that all tested security solutions were analyzed focusing on three different sections: protection, performance and usability. Once aware of this, it is clear that the software that gets six points in each category will be the best of all, something that only three of those examined managed to achieve: Avira Antivirus 15.0 Pro, Kaspersky Lab Internet Security 17.0 and Norton Security 22.9.

AV-Test presents the best antivirus for Windows 10 Creators Update

Incidentally, referring to antivirus applications that have distinguished themselves in the Creators Update de Windows 10, AV-Test would also like to make a special mention to MicroWorld eScan Internet Security Suite 14.0, McAfee Internet Security 19.0, BitDefender Internet Security 21.0, AhnlLan V3 Internet Security 9.0 and Trend Micro Internet Security 11.1. Even though these five options placed a step below the three which achieved the maximum score, they are very close to being among the top.


By contrast, if we refer to the other end of the classification, those who have obtained the lowest scores, as we can see from the above graphic from AV-Test, most notable is the negative result obtained in the performance section by Comodo Internet Security Premium 10.0, achieving only two points from the possible six. However, contrary to what has happened in other analysis of a similar nature carried out by the same firm in the past, the truth is that the results obtained by the vast majority of the security solutions analyzed, in general have been quite acceptable.

In fact with respect to the three leaders I mentioned at the beginning of this section the differences have been quite small, which means that these security companies are, at least for the most part, working hard to offer better services to their customers.

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